Coronavirus informations

Given to the context of the health crisis, Toulouse INP adapts its activities in line with government announcements: distance learning, continuity of research and partnership activities, opening of reception centres, etc.


Part of the teaching continues to be carried out at distance. Each department organizes the presence of students on site. Between April 6 and May 2 (included), all exams must be held at distance or be postponed. The tests organized on the occasion of the teaching of the practical face-to-face courses (TD-TP) may take place.


Research activities will continue in the laboratories. The administrative and technical services will continue to respond to requests, either remotely in the context of teleworking or in person at a pre-determined meeting within our premises. Telephone reception, mail management and deliveries are maintained.


All face-to-face activities must take place in strict compliance with barrier gestures and social distancing.


Frequently asked questions Covid-19

   Updated on the 26th March 2021 

Toulouse INP students

All the courses at Toulouse INP are currently in distance learning.

Practical learning is subject to derogation by the rector and is managed within each component.

Please contact your specific schools for more information: ENSAT, ENSEEIHT ou ENSIACET.

Can I come to my school to work?

Remote operation is the rule. Individual work is nevertheless possible, by appointment, in the libraries/media libraries on our campuses. (Cf. section Libraries).

I'm currently on an internship, how will this happen?

Current internships are not questioned: the student intern must strictly comply with the instructions of the host country (including France), of his host company or organization which is not subject to closure.

Students who encounter difficulties in carrying out an internship will contact their director of studies or their referring teacher, who will relay the information to them.

I'm an apprentice, how will this happen?

Work-study students must comply with the organization set up in the company. If they have any questions, they can contact the director of studies or their pedagogical tutor, who will relay the information.


Will the sports courses continue?

Yes, they are maintained at a distance.

Do the university restaurants remain open?

The university restaurants on the three campuses (ENSAT, ENSEEIHT and Labège) are open and offer take-out sales (sandwiches, salads, boxes, hot dishes, etc.). View the opening hours.

  • Although the sale of take-out meals is permitted, lunch is not allowed in the rooms usually dedicated to breaks. Indeed, the decree 2020-1310 of October 29th, 2020 aims to reduce the situations with risks of contamination caused by eating meals together.

All the information (grants, housing, aid, social services, listening and psychological support, health, catering...) concerning the CROUS Toulouse Occitanie is available on the page :

#Crousavecvous (in french only)

The welcome desk and its partners (Préfecture de la Haute-Garonne, Happsy-line, CAF de la Haute-Garonne and Crous Toulouse-Occitanie) will help you, please consult :

Welcome desk


Toulouse INP staff

Do I have to come and work on site?

Telework should be encouraged for everyone whenever possible. Nevertheless, some activities require a presence on site, such as reception, maintenance, laboratory activities, work requiring the use of paper files. The Toulouse INP campuses therefore remain open for all its missions.

  • If I return to the site, I must notify my head of department, component manager, corporate secretary or component director who will arrange for attendance.
  • Once on site, I must strictly respect the barrier gestures: wearing a mask, washing my hands, social distancing, etc.
  • I have to make arrangements to be home by 6pm (curfew time).
What documents do I need to travel to my workplace ?

To get to my workplace, I need an identity document, proof of travel provided by Toulouse INP, my component or my laboratory, and a certificate of exceptional travel.

Since the sale of take-out meals is authorized, particularly by the CROUS university restaurants, can I have lunch in dedicated rooms in my establishment?

No, I cannot have lunch in these rooms because the decree 2020-1310 of October 29th, 2020 aims to reduce the situations with risks of contamination that the taking of meals together constitutes.

More information on professional continuity conditions for the personnel on Planète (in french)

Research and partnership activities

Do research activities continue?

Access to the laboratory is possible for all research activities requiring a presence on site for manipulations, experiments or access to specific equipment.

Can I access my laboratory?

Yes, for this I contact my research unit manager in order to obtain an authorization and a professional certificate, whether I am a researcher, teacher-researcher, research engineer, administrative staff or doctoral student. 

I have to defend my thesis soon, how will this happen?

The decree of October 27, 2020 authorizes the use of videoconferencing for thesis and HDR defenses. Thus, thesis defences can take place 100% remotely.


Who can help me set up my digital courses?

You can get in touch with your school's director of studies or the head of department.

"La Dynamique Pédagogique" is mobilized to accompany you throughout this period thanks to the network of correspondents in each school.


Who do i contact in my component ?
(intranet link Toulouse INP, accessible with your LDAP identifiers) 

 You can also contact the DyP by email for more information. dyp @

Can I teach from a classroom?

As a teacher, I can come to my component to teach from a room equipped for distance learning.


Can I come and borrow resources from the Toulouse INP libraries?

Yes, the Toulouse INP libraries offer a "click&collect" system.

Reserve your documents on the Archipel catalogue via the "Request" button and collect them from the library when you can.


Can I come and work or study in the INP libraries or media libraries?

Individual work is perfectly possible, by appointment, in the libraries and media libraries.

Please check the web page of the library you wish to visit to find out how to make an appointment.


Can I access resources from home?

Yes, the Toulouse INP libraries provide you with many online resources.


For more information and links to all our libraries :

Good to know: Many resources are also available directly on this site via Scholarvox.


Home and supplier

The reception desk at the Toulouse INP sites remains open to ensure the telephone switchboard and mail/package deliveries in strict compliance with barrier gestures.

The accounting services are not interrupted and everything is done to meet your expectations by e-mail.

Future students

Toulouse INP and its components will be present on the virtual exhibitions:

Open door day Toulouse INP 2021
in french only

Come and ask your questions live to representatives of our institutions: school principals, teachers, school and communication representatives, students...

International Students, Researchers or PhD

I am planning to come to a Toulouse INP school or laboratory in the near future, I must follow the government's recommendations and instructions:

Travel to France: information related to the coronavirus health crisis


And I get in touch with my referent at Toulouse INP (laboratories or schools).


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