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Venue at Toulouse INP and its schools is prohibited until further notice.


Can I follow my courses during this closed period?

Some courses will be provided online. Check regularly your mailbox and please only connect to the Moodle platform if you are expected.


Back for your second year master : find out all the conditions.

Be assured that Toulouse INP priority is to welcome international students from the start of the school year in the best sanitary conditions.

Find out all the information.


I'm currently on an internship, what's going to happen?

The current interships should still carried on: intern student complies strictly with the instructions of his host country (including France), his company or his host organisation not subject to closure.

In the case of an internship abroad, whatever the country, the interruption of the internship at the student's request will be facilitated.

Students who encounter difficulties in carrying out an internship will contact their studies department and referent teacher who will be the main person to rely all information.


If necessary, the terms of the internship (duration or content) and its evaluation will be adjusted.


I have to do an internship this summer, how is it going to happen?

Get in touch with your study director.


I'm currently on an apprenticeship, what's going to happen?

The Ministry of Labor has asked that companies welcome work-study students from March 16, 2020. The work-study students must comply with the instructions given by their company. In case of any question, student can contact their pedagogy teachers or studies department. 


I'm having financial difficulties, who can I turn to?

Exceptional emergency aid is set up by Toulouse INP for its students who are in serious financial difficulty and whose situation is likely to worsen as a result of the financial crisis linked to VIDOC-19. This exceptional emergency aid for basic needs is only reserved for isolated students in financial difficulty. This exceptional emergency aid has just been extended and prolonged by the CFVU on the 28th may 2020.
For more information (contact and procedure), I consult the dedicated news on Planète


Is the Interuniversity Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion still open?

As of 25 March 2020, the inter-university service of preventive medicine and health promotion will resume part of its activity remotely Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 1:30am to 4:30pm via 05 61 55 73 67 or by email: contact.simpps @
You can have access to the following services:

  • consultations of general medicine (except Covid-19) by appointment on Rangueil site;
  • support in case of financial difficulties, in coordination with the CROUS;
  • listening, support, psychological care.

The information is relayed on the Simpps web page of the Welcome Desk (in French only) :

Simpps on the Welcome Desk


I feel alone, anxious or isolated ... Are there structures for psychological help?

You need psychological help (you feel lonely, you are anxious and/or isolated...), the Federal University maintains appointments with a team of psychologists for a free consultation via webcam. For foreign students, psychological consultations in English and Spanish are also available.

Information and appointments: 06 27 86 91 83 or rdv.apsytude @

Learn more about Happsy LINE

The Nightline association, a free and anonymous telephone helpline, launched a psychological support operation for students during the Covid-19 health crisis. Several tools are available to you:


What are the measures taken by the CROUS?

The restoration structures of the CROUS of Toulouse-Occitanie are closed. The university residences are still open to continue to welcome students who cannot return to their original homes.

The payment of grants based on social criteria and subsidies is a priority. It will be ensured, as well as in the response to students requests for help and social support. For this purpose, students can contact the social assistance online at this link-in french. A dedicated information page is online on the CROUS website, gathering all practical information for students : CROUS/ covid-19 (in french only)
Since March 20, the CROUS has been installing 8 vending machines for complete meals in its residences.

Find the locations of the vending machines here (french only). 

From May 13th, the Arsenal, Théorème and Arum cafeterias are open again and sell take-out.

For more details on the closure perimeters (other universities, university residences, restaurant ’U, BU, sports equipment), your financial assistance (in particular CROUS), please go on to student gouv FAQ

Welcome desk and their partners (préfecture de la Haute-Garonne, Happsy line, CAF de la Haute-Garonne et Crous Toulouse-Occitanie) keep informing you: website


Would I be able to apply for a French visa?

France has decided to suspend the issuance of visas until further notice.

Because of the COVID-19 health crisis, France has stopped issuing visas until further notice. This decision applies to all visa requests (Schengen short-stay visas, long-stay visas for France, and visas for overseas France). It also applies to applications for which appointments have already been made.

To learn more: visit the France-visas.gouv




PhD students

I have to defend my thesis soon, what is it going to happen?

To this day, the defense is still adjourned and postponed, pending a schedule from government authorities in terms of breaking out of containment and resuming activities. The new thesis defense dates can be fixed only when the date of release from confinement and access to the premises is known.


Defense processing process at Toulouse INP:
  • The defenses of which the jury was known and summoned on March 13, 2020 have been canceled and postponed: when the confinement ends, it will be up to the thesis directors to contact the DRED - Doctorate department to inform of the new defense date. The incompressible processing time for the summons will remain 15 days. For the planned defenses, of which only the rapporteurs were known and appointed, the process continues until the reports are received by Toulouse INP, the date of receipt of the reports has not been changed. After this reception, the opinion of the doctoral school will be required. Then the defense will be adjourned and postponed. It belongs :
  • It is up to doctoral schools to validate and communicate the juries to the DRED - Doctorate department.
  • It is up to the thesis directors to contact the DRED - Doctorate department to inform them of the new defense date.
  • It is possible to submit defense files via doctoral schools, files which will normally be processed until the reports are received by Toulouse INP.



For the defense of theses for which the process is under way, and for which changes are coming, IN PARTICULAR THE NON-TRANSMISSION OF THE MANUSCRIPT TO THE RAPPORTEURS, and therefore for which the date of return of the reports is modified, IT BELONGS TO THE DIRECTORS OF THESIS TO NOTIFY THE DOCTORAL SCHOOL and Toulouse INP of this change (otherwise the rapporteurs will be automatically relaunched on the deadline).


It is important to remind that the possibility of defense in full videoconference is not retained by Toulouse INP.


Exception: Cases of extreme urgency which must be submitted to the DRED
Reasons used during containment:

  • imperative return of the candidate to his country of origin before the end of confinement.
  • hiring the candidate with mandatory possession of the Doctor’s diploma during confinement)


Contact DRED-Doctorat department: formation-doctorale @


Would I be able to apply for a French visa?

France has decided to suspend the issuance of visas until further notice.

Because of the COVID-19 health crisis, France has stopped issuing visas until further notice. This decision applies to all visa requests (Schengen short-stay visas, long-stay visas for France, and visas for overseas France). It also applies to applications for which appointments have already been made.

To learn more: visit the France-visas.gouv


Puis-je accéder à mon laboratoire ?

Je me rapproche de mon directeur de thèse.

Members of staff

From July 15, staff are invited to return to the site in strict compliance with security rules, some rules must be followed for the organisation and operation during this period. Agents, who for specific reasons could not return to the site, must contact their department heads to express these constraints. As of July 11, ASA status no longer exists. Staff in this position must return to the sites.


I had to take an interview at the INP, will it be maintained?

Maybe by videoconference. You will be notified by email.


Can meetings be continued?

Some meetings are maintained and are held by videoconference.

To organised a visioconference, log on to Planète > Mes outils > Visio-conférence. Or via Partage email > rendez-vous.


I do not have a professional computer but my activity can be done from home, can I use my personal computer?

Yes, if the configuration of the personal computer allows it. Access to business software can be requested from DSIN via tickets (Planète > Mes outils > Mes tickets DSI).


What precautions should I take with the VPN?

The VPN must be disconnected after each use.


I have Covid-19 symptoms, what should I do to inform Toulouse INP?

Since the beginning of the epidemic, people who presented symptoms or who were confirmed (coronavirus + tests) were invited to notify their hierarchy which informed close colleagues in the respect of medical confidentiality so that they monitor themselves.

Given the low number of known cases at Toulouse INP, it had not been considered to communicate beyond the immediate work environment.

The incubation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 disease lasts 2 to 14 days, and on average commonly 6 to 7 days.

Working from home has been widely applied in Toulouse INP since Monday March 16th, 2020.

Thus, beyond Marche 23rd, 2020, the manager will no longer communicate this information to all colleagues confined to the home, but Toulouse INP will continue to identify proven or suspected staff member who have come forward to be able to respond to a possible request.


Researchers, teacher-researchers and laboratory staff

Since May 11, the resumption of research activities has been defined by the unit director.

Teaching staff

Who can help me set up my digital courses?

You can get in touch with your studies department of your school. (dyp @ .



Can I come and deliver to these campuses: Toulouse INP, ENSAT, ENSIACET, ENSEEIHT, Services communs, La Prépa des INP, les Concours commun INP, la Formation Continue, l’IMFT and others laboratories?

Since May 11, deliveries are again possible by making an appointment with your contact.


Will the invoices be paid?

As far as possible, the accounting services are not interrupted and everything is done to best meet your expectations by email.



International partners

An e-mail has been sent to all of our international contacts.

If you have not received it, please read the message below:


Dear Partners,


Many of you have sent us updates on the Coronavirus situation in your respective countries and campuses. We appreciate this and thank you for it. 


As far as we are concerned, the French government announced on Friday 13 March the closure of all schools, colleges and universities. Toulouse INP has therefore been closed since Monday 16 March and will no longer welcome students until further notice.


Measures to ensure the continuity of pedagogical activities for students are nevertheless planned, notably through online courses. Staff also continue to carry out their mission thanks to a significant deployment of home office.


Moreover, as of Tuesday 17 March 2020, at noon, a total confinement of the population is implemented throughout the territory and for a minimum duration of 15 days. Only strictly necessary travel (food, health) is authorized.

All our international students have received instructions concerning the situation on campus. In addition, information is regularly published on social networks and an FAQ as well as a Hotline service (+33 5 34 32 32 32) has been set up (


As the situation is changing very quickly, we will keep you informed of any new measures applied and how to resume activities.


Best regards,



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