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Masters of Science taught in English




Masters of Science are national degrees accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education. Our Masters of Science taught in English is a 2-year full time programme usually aimed at undergraduate students who already have a Bachelor degree. Focused on specific scientific and technical fields, they rely on the skills and know-how of teacher-researchers in our engineering schools.


Aeronautics and space mention

Typical career: Electronic systems for embedded and communicating applications (ESECA)
Contact : master_eseca[@] (master_eseca @


Energy mention
  • Typical career: Electrical energy systems (EES)
    Contact : master_ees[@] (master_ees @ 


Industrial engineering mention
  • Typical career: Industrial & safety engineering (ISE)
    Contact : master_ise[@] (master_ise @


Complex systems engineering mention
  • Typical career: Fluids engineering for industrial processes (FEIP)
    Contact : master_fluids[@] (master_fluids @
  • Typical career: Water engineering and water management (WEWM)
    Contact : master_water[@] (master_water @
  • Typical career: Green chemistry and processes for renewable feedstocks (Green Cap)
    Contact : master_greencap[@] (master_greencap @ 


Sciences and technology of agriculture, food and environment mention
  • Typical career: Agrofood chain
    Contact : master_agrofoodchain[@] (master_agrofoodchain @

All Masters

Toulouse INP is accredited to deliver, alone or in co-accreditation with other higher education institutions, 20 national masters degrees divided into 20 mentions and 36 standard courses.
Some courses are a master of science.

Mastères spécialisés ®

For students, professionals, researchers holding at least a 5-year diploma (engineering degree, master degree) or a 4 years degree with at least 3 years of professional experience wishing to acquire a specialisation or a dual competence.


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