• The methane cycle in arctic ecosystems tested in a Siberian lake

      Lakes producing methane emissions are a major component of the response of arctic ecosystems to climate change. A study integrating biogeochemistry, isotopy and microbiology has shown that, in a Siberian lake, the oxidation of methane in the water column completely consumed the flux from the sediments

    • Toulouse INP has obtained the “Bienvenue En France” label

      Toulouse INP has been awarded the "Bienvenue en France" label with 3 stars, the maximum number issued for this label, which rewards the quality in welcoming international students.

    • Two CNRS bronze medals in our laboratories

      ´╗┐Each year the CNRS rewards those who contributed the most to its influence and to research advances. This year, Benjamin Erable (LGC) and Édouard Pauwels (IRIT) are awarded with the bronze medal.

    • The Training Program for Engineers in Vietnam celebrates its 20th anniversary

      The PFIEV program (Programme de Formation d'Ingénieurs d'Excellence au Vietnam) celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Since its inception in 1999 and thanks to these 11 options for engineers training, the program is continuously developing new specialties. All disciplines have been taught in Vietnamese for over the years being transmitted in French or English.

    • The University of Toulouse gets 2 EUR

      The national operator of the Investment for the Future programmes (PIA) in the field of higher education and research has selected 5 projects from the University of Toulouse throughout the second call for proposal.

    • CWUR 2019: an excellent ranking for Toulouse INP

      Toulouse INP ranks at 550 out of 20 000 universities worldwide according to the Center for World University Rankings’ new list for 2019-2020, which has been published on Monday August 5, 2019..

      Toulouse INP is in the top 2.8 percent worldwide, which is an outstanding achievement.

    • The RUBI Experience is travelling to the International Space Station

      RUBI Experience (Reference mUltiscale experiment for Boiling Investigation) will be launched on the International Space Station on July 21, 2019 and operated in the Fluid Science Laboratory for a duration of 5 months.

    • Toxalim researchers are worried that Bisphenol S will leads to increased exposure to a hormonally active substance

      A study conducted by the Gestation and Endocrine Disrupters team of Veterinary School of Toulouse and the Toxalim Research Unit (ENVT/Inra/Toulouse INP-PURPAN/UT3 Paul Sabatier), in collaboration with the Universities of Montreal and London, showed that bisphenol S (BPS) persist longer in the body.

    • Chaire AXA The Impact of Global Change on Mountains: Assessing the Threat to Nature’s Water Towers

      Whether we live in cities, in rural areas or in remote areas like mountains, we depend on nature and biodiversity for the air we breathe, the water we drink and our food supply.

    • INP Shop launchning !

      It's official, the INP Group is launching its shop! Find now a range of clothing and objects in the colors of Toulouse INP and Bordeaux INP.

    • HR Excellence In Research Award

      On June 17 2019, Toulouse INP was granted the "HR Excellence in Research Award" by the European Commission for the implementation of its Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.

    • INP INNOV' 2019

      Thursday, June 13, 2019, Toulouse INP has highlighted its scientists by rewarding the best theses supported in 2018, the scientific patents and the 4 best research projects through INP INNOV '.

      Congratulations to all the award winners.

    • La Nougatière : a project to make the nougat shine again

      Marion Delade, student at Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT tells us about her project to rebuild a company that combines her career with her family tradition legacy. The young woman, who grew up in Provence, has always supported her parents with their nougat manufacturing company founded in 2007. During her studies at Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT, this job became a real intrapreneurship project. Her project received the 1st price at Entrep' 2019 Occitanie and it is selected, to be presented, at the Public Investment Bank, BPI France in Paris!

    • N.I Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources and Toulouse-INP: a prestigious collaboration

      On May 3, 2019 an exceptional cooperation agreement was signed between Toulouse INP and the N.I Vavilov All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (VIR).

    • Thierry Poinsot, scientist from Institut de Mécanique des Fluides (IMFT) awarded by an Advanced Grant

      Among the winners, the SCIROCCO project led by Thierry Poinsot, research director at the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (Toulouse INP / CNRS / UPS), received an ERC Advanced Grant.

    • ESECA Master award handed to Sovichea TEP at the Institute of Technology in Cambodia

      At the annual meeting of the support consortium, which took place at the Institute of Technology in Cambodia, Bruno Dagues, Phok Chrin, Romni Om and Guillaume Narjollet have handed to Mr. Sovichea Tep his ESECA Master (Electronic Systems for Embedded and Communicating Applications) obtained in 2018 at Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT.

    • Arctic rivers, an important mercury vector to the Arctic Ocean

      In a new study, researchers from Toulouse INP, CNRS and Paul Sabatier University in collaboration with international scientists suggest that Arctic rivers transport large amounts of mercury to the Arctic Ocean.

    • Toulouse INP: 3AI Aniti project partner

      Aniti, an Interdisciplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence project, was filed by the University of Toulouse.
      This project brings together more than 200 researchers from 33 research laboratories and some 30 companies with the support of local and regional authorities, in collaboration with the socio-economic and associative fabric.

    • 24 PhD thesis awarded by the Léopold Escande 2018 prices

      Each year, Toulouse INP research commission rewards the best thesis during the Léopold Escande ceremony.

    • An ultra-connected amphitheater at La Prepa des INP in Toulouse

      Running since September 2018, after several months of work, this amphitheater reflects the ambition of Toulouse INP to prepare and enrich differently the learning process, with active pedagogies, autonomy and digital technologies.

    • Science's crossroads forum

      On the 9 and 10 of January 2019 a forum took place organised by Toulouse University with the help of the Occitanie Region.
      Conferences, round tables, field trips, visits, organisation of a series of dedicated workshops with researchers were organised on interdisciplinary scientific topics.

    • Covid-19 : all you need to know

      The entire establishment is closed to students, staff, suppliers... Research activities have been stopped.The business continuity plan was launched on Monday morning. Educational continuity is organised...

    • Alzheimer's disease : blood flow might impact memory function

      Alzheimer's disease, a neurodegenerative disease affects 900,000 people in France. While there is still no curative treatment, research conducted by the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides (IMFT,CNRS/Université de Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier/Toulouse INP), associated with a US team from Cornell University, show a link between disease and blood flow.


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