Erasmus + KA107 : International credits mobilityICM programs 2020-2022

International Credit Mobilities (ICM) are international projects under Key-Action 1 of the Erasmus + program. These projects enable the organization of mobilities between countries participating in the Erasmus + program and between partner countries of the Erasmus + program, mainly countries outside of the European Union.


Each year, this scheme is the subject of a call for applications to finance projects of a duration of two years. Within the framework of the 2020 call, five Toulouse INP projects have been selected (see below). Although mainly oriented towards hosting international students and teachers, this funding also allows our teachers and students to carry out stays abroad.


In this way, ICMs contribute fully to the achievement of the institution's international policy:

  • they promote the internationalization of our students, our teams and our institution
  • they are a vector of development aid for partner countries particularly through the transmission of our pedagogical know-how.

ICM Bosnia-Herzegovina

This project aims to develop Toulouse INP's relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina by building on its collaboration with the University of Sarajevo (UNSA). In particular, the objective is to bring, thanks to the know-how of Toulouse INP-ENSAT, an expertise to Bosnia-Herzegovina in sustainable agriculture and pollution management.



Incoming mobility :

  • 4 student mobility for studies – 3 months
  • 20 staff mobility for training – 7 days
  • 4 staff mobility for teaching – 14 days


Outgoing mobility :

  • 2 staff mobility for teaching – 14 days
  • 2 staff mobility for training – 7 days


Contact : Bertrand.pourrut @

ICM Cambodia

This mobility project aims to consolidate cooperation with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and the University of Battambang on issues of agronomy, responsible agriculture and sustainable development. It also aims to broaden perspectives by placing Toulouse INP-ENSAT's expertise in environmental protection, waste management and pollution treatment, - all challenges that Cambodia must meet - at the service of Cambodian students and lecturer-researchers.



Incoming mobility :

  • 2 student mobility for traineeships– 4 months
  • 8 student mobility for studies – 5 months
  • 6 staff mobility for teaching – 36 days


Contact : Bertrand.pourrut @

ICM Russian Federation

This project aims to deepen the partnership, initiated around joint research work, between Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT and the Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU), located in Kaliningrad. The field of application is the use of plasma technologies for biomedical applications. The study of methods for the production of non-thermal plasma jets will allow the development of new medical equipment and thus provide access to new, inexpensive and safe methods for the treatment of diseases.


Incoming mobility :

  • 6 student mobility for traineeships (master's and PhD students) – 3 and 6 months
  • 2 staff mobility for teaching – 28 days


Outgoing mobility :

  • 2 staff mobility for teaching – 14 days
  • 4 student mobility for traineeships – 3 months


Contact : Hubert.piquet @

ICM Pakistan

This project aims to strengthen the collaboration between Toulouse INP and the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), a collaboration that it has maintained, through Toulouse INP-ENSAT, for more than fifteen years in the field of environment and water management. Indeed, Pakistan urgently needs expert engineers in the fields of environment and water and waste management.


Incoming mobility :

  • 2 student mobility for traineeships – 3 months
  • 4 staff mobility for teaching – 14 days


Outgoing mobility :

  • 4 staff mobility for teaching – 14 days


Contact : Jean.kallerhoff @

ICM Tunisia

This project aims to consolidate the inter-university relations that Toulouse INP, through its Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT school, has with the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) and with Sup'Com. It aims to develop new training courses and student mobility by offering semesters of study with the possibility of short internships for students. On the teacher's side, while continuing to develop research relations, mobility will allow the development of new courses with the support of innovative teaching methods in the fields of electrical, hydraulic and digital engineering.


Incoming mobility :

  • 2 student mobility for traineeships – 3 months
  • 10 student mobility for traineeships – 9 months
  • 6 staff mobility for teaching– 7 days


Outgoing mobility :

  • 6 staff mobility for teaching – 7 days
  • 2 student mobility for traineeships – 3 months


Contact : Danielle.andreu @


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