Programmes in english

Toulouse INP offers various engineering programs taught in English.

A comprehensive overview of courses taught entirely in English and also, open to incoming exchange students can be found below.

Enrolment is subject to course availability and students will need to have the appropriate academic background for the courses requested. Please note that this is an indicative list and that this course offer might be subject to change.

Agrofood Chain - Master of Science

The Agrofood Chain program aims to develop student’s specific knowledge, skills and professional experience through the importance given during the first and second years of the program to, on the one hand, real-life case studies and tutored projects run individually or by small groups, and on the other hand, training periods.


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BioTechEco - BioTechnology for a Bio-Based Economy - Master of Science

BioTecEco aims to train its students with cross-disciplinary skills and expertise. A coupled training delivered by both University Faculties and Research Units in Biological and Chemical Sciences and Economics will provide new and unique expertise to students, making them attractive to the emerging bioeconomy market and allowing them to develop new industrial segments.

The added-value and originality of BioTechEco stem from the integration of the master‘s program in a Graduate School of Research in BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR BUILDING A BIO-BASED ECONOMY.

The close ties of the degree with a doctoral program and international scientific competitions will ensure its relevance to research and education centers in Toulouse with innovative pedagogical practices.


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Embedded Systems - Advanced Master

Aware of the real need for a multidisciplinary approach, the program prepares students with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the underlying technologies involved in embedded


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ESECA - Electronic Systems for Embedded and Communicating Applications - Master of Science

This program is dedicated to the electronic systems for embedded and communicating applications: design of integrated circuits (noise, EMC, energy management, power, MEMs, optoelectronics, instrumentation), RF circuits, antennas (numerical methods for electromagnetism, High Frequency passive circuits, electrodynamics, materials) and the digital signal and image processing (telemedicine and remote sensing applications).



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FEIP - Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes - Master of Science

The Master of Science Fluids Engineering for Industrial Processes is focused on industrial activities in the field of chemical and process engineering. Applications are especially related to fluid flows in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering and energy transformation, fields in which Fluids Engineering plays a major role.

Half of the teachings are in English and half are in French.

Students will beneficiate of a personal advising by professors of the education program during all the Master program.


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Green CAP - Green Chemistry and Processes for Biomass - Master of Science

This training targets the field of the transformation of renewable resources by chemical reactions, biological or physical processes.The lessons focus on the knowledge of plant material, the implementation of the chemical reaction and its catalysis, the implementation of the biological reaction (enzymatic or fermentation), and the separation processes that result from it.


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ISE - Industrial & Safety Engineering - Master of Science

The Master of Science in Industrial and Safety Engineering aims to train specialists providing answers to these new industrial and societal expectations in an international context.


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PSMSC - Performance in Software, Media and Scientific Computing - Advanced Master

This international master track titled 'Performance in Software, Media and Scientific Computing' or PSMSC is a one-year programme taught by the University of Toulouse. It prepares master students for top level careers or PhD programs in several application domains that require use of hardware, software and programming techniques to accelerate data-intensive computations and ensure reliable execution of cutting-edge applications.


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SATCOM - Satellite Communication Systems: from engineering to end-to-end systems - Master of Science

The SATCOM systems program aims to train autonomous graduates in the field of satellite telecommunications. The level of expertise acquired in electronics, digital communications, networks and systems allows them to quickly access positions of responsibility in this field and more generally in the field of telecommunications.


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Water Engineering and Water Management - Master of Science

The master focuses on chemical engineering and hydrology applied to unit operations of water treatment and water sciences (aquatic system and its preservation). The purpose of the lectures is concerned with biological and chemical reactors for pollution removal, unit operations of separation for the high-quality water production (membrane separation, adsorption…), hydrology and ecology for the management of aquatic system.


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