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Our alumni communities

Toulouse INP belongs to a globalised world and this is reflected in the international character of our students and our administrative and teaching staff, business and academic partners, and our wide range of activities.


  • A multicampus structure with increasing activities 
  • An International Advisory Board
  • Strategic alliances and a network of the engineering universities which together constitute a distinguishing, key feature in Toulouse INP globalisation


Alumni associations actively promote networks of graduates from Toulouse INP schools. They now constitute a community of 30,000 graduates.

Their objectives:

  • to foster professional relations and exchanges
  • to facilitate the insertion, development, and progression of its members in their professional project
  • to maintain and develop relationships with schools
  • to support the development and outreach of schools in France and abroad


France Alumni  Agrotoulousains AIN7 AIA7 AniEnit



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