Administrative procedures

If you need help with the administrative formalities to prepare for your arrival, Toul'box is there for you! 

The Toul'Box offers a range of packs with different budgets to help you with all the administrative formalities (visa, accommodation, transport card, airport reception...).

For more information on the packs available, visit:

Do you need a visa ?


The image shows the table for the visa application process taken from the pdf document prepare your arrival. For more information, click on the following link


For applications, renewals and changes of status of your visa, visit : 


*For the Long-stay visa "talent passport" the Hosting agreements ( "cerfa") that you need for your visa is generate by the international relations office. The procedure for obtaining an agreement signed by the President is the following: Documents to be provided at least 2-3 months before the appointment to the consulate or prefecture at SRI @ and alexandra.lalibertedegagne @ :

  • Letter from laboratory specifying exact dates of stay and monthly salary (if applicable)
  • Copy of identity document (passport)
  • Copy of most recent diploma


*For doctoral students, you can choose between a "talent passport" or a visa valid as a "residence permit for students". If you choose a talent passport, then you must have a work contract at your home or host institution, or  otherwise  you must be a scholarship holder and have monthly funding (scholarship + any supplement from the host institution) higher than the minimum amount for a public law doctoral contract.

If you do not have an employment contract or if your monthly funding (grant + any supplement from the host institution) is less than the minimum amount for a public-law doctoral contract, you must apply for a student visa.

Remember to start the visa process as soon as your nomination has been validated, to avoid any problems on departure. 

For information on documents to be provided and online procedures, visit :  

Do you have an insurance ?

For international students wishing to pursue higher education in France, health cover is compulsory. If you are a foreign student, in the vast majority of cases you can benefit from French Social Security. French Social Security only partially covers your health expenses, at around 70%.

To register : https://etudiant-etrang /

You've thought about your accommodation ?

Several options are available, each with a limited number of rooms reserved for exchange students.


If you're a foreign student in France with a valid residence permit, you can get housing assistance from the CAF. This assistance is known as the APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement). Generally ranging from €100 to €200, it helps reduce the cost of housing in France. To obtain it, you need to meet certain criteria and apply online, via the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales) website

If your're a UE or EE member, the conditions are : 
  • To be enrolled in an establishment operating in accordance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force, in order to follow studies or vocational training on a principal basis,
  • Have health insurance for themselves and their family members,
  • Have financial resources (whatever the amount)


If you're not a UE or EE member :
  • You must have a valid residence permit.

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