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History - Key dates

Main Assets

  • One of the leading universities in engineering
  • A university offering high quality education and training for students and engineers from around the world – based on a team of highly qualified lecturers and a unique teaching model
  • Internationally recognised for its close connection with Research Laboratories and Industries, Toulouse INP is committed to innovation and developing a workforce of responsible and cooperative engineers to build innovative societies

Involved INP

Social responsibility, a core mission

Our ongoing commitment to social responsibility has been recognised in the form of accreditations and top positions in various rankings.

Through its training as well as its research, Toulouse INP works and mobilizes its knowledge, talents and energies, with partners to succeed this challenge.

 Our main challenge will always be to train socially responsible engineers!

Toulouse INP also accompanies students and staff on a daily basis to adopt the right gestures and behaviors.. 

Our actions

Developed to meet the challenges of citizenship, social cohesion and improvement of daily life, the goal of « Cellule Bien vivre » is to improve the quality of life on INP's campuses on themes such as sustainable development, disability, well-being at work, combating risk behavior, promotion of INP values, improvement of student life, equality between women and men, respect for secularism, ...



6 allée Emile Monso - BP 34038
31029 Toulouse Cedex 4

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