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Beneficiary: LCA

The project "Adaptation of transformation processes and cardoon cultivation methods for new products" (ADAPCAR) aims to exploit the broad potential of cardoon that has not been optimised so far. It is part of a sustainable development approach that can generate industrial applications and jobs in SMEs in different sectors. The objective of the project is to provide scientific and technological data to optimise both the cultivation of the plant, based on a low-input agricultural system that respects the environment, and the extraction of compounds and molecules with high added value. The innovation lies in the combination of energy biomass production controlled with molecules of industrial interest, and the development of molecular characterisation methods and more efficient extraction processes.


Beneficiary: Calmip


Beneficiary: Calmip


Beneficiary: LCA

Chimie Autrement

Beneficiary: LGC


Beneficiary: LCA

Revisiting regional botanical biodiversity and developing innovative concepts and products, the INNOFLAV 3.0 project aims to revitalise the aromatic sector in Occitania through the establishment of a value chain for extraction / formulation and adding value to overlooked regional aromatic plants. Based on the principles of Green Chemistry, the INNOFLAV 3.0 project will aim to combine different approaches (new extraction processes, new formulation concepts, promotion of forgotten regional aromatic plants) for the development of new products.


Beneficiary: LGC

The INNOVEC'EAU project focuses on the residues of medicinal products found in waste from institutions for the elderly in the SUDOE territory (Southwestern Europe). This multidisciplinary project aims to quantify the drugs of greatest concern for the environment, to develop sensors and biosensors for the in-situ control of the resulting pollution and to propose innovative and sustainable treatment technologies, coupling biological processes and oxidation solar processes.


Beneficiary: Irit


Beneficiary: LGC


Beneficiary: LCA

NEOPROTEC - Development of natural and sustainable solutions for antifungal control in viticulture, arboriculture and market gardening.
NEOPROTEC concerns the identification, design, formulation and production of bioprotective eco-products for crops. It is based on the use of natural solutions with antifungal potential in viticulture, arboriculture and market gardening. NEOPROTEC brings together all the links that intervene from research to homologation and marketing with strong originality of vectorisation of assets.


Beneficiary: Cirimat

The NEPAL project is part of a process to replace hexavalent chromium-based surface treatments with trivalent chromium, which is more respectful of the environment and health.
The aim is to optimise the corrosion protection provided by these new conversion treatments in order to improve the durability of aeronautical structural parts.


Beneficiary: LCA


Beneficiary: Laplace

In an aeronautical context, the PACAERO project consists of expanding (surface area and test facilities) the H2 platform initiated in 2011 by LAPLACE. In addition to LAPLACE, three other laboratories are now involved in this platform: CIRIMAT, LGC and IMFT. In terms of scientific objectives, this tool aims to conduct an experimental study of the potentialities of H2 hydrogen technologies (fuel cells, water electrolysers) by seeking out a synergy between aeronautical and terrestrial electrical micro-grids.


Beneficiary: Irit



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