• Going back to school in 2020 : let's be responsible

      In this new school year, the virus is still circulating and it is dangerous for us and our loved ones. It is imperative to remain vigilant in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. At Toulouse INP, in addition to the application of barrier gestures, the wearing of masks is mandatory on all our closed and open spaces on all our sites (Labège, ENSAT and ENSEEIHT campuses).

    • kios an innovative device to fight against fires

      Kios, a new device to transform any large aircraft into a water bomber, has just been unveiled in order to fight large-scale fires thanks to a new release method.
      Dominique Legendre, University Professor at Toulouse INP, conducts his research in collaboration with the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse (IMFT –CNRS and University Toulouse III).
      Find out

    • European University of Space UNIVERSEH

      The federal University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, of which Toulouse INP is a member, has joined forces with 4 European universities to build a European University around the theme of "Space" in all its aspects (science, engineering, social sciences and humanities, patents and innovation, science & medicine, art & culture...).

    • Covid-19 : all you need to know

      As part of the lockdown release, in force since May 11, Toulouse INP has prepared a Business Recovery Planning (BRP).
      This BRP has been updated and new information are to be taken into account from July...

    • Léopold Escande prize 2019

      Each year, the Toulouse INP research commission awards the Léopold Escande thesis prize to 15% of the best theses defended. In 2019, 21 doctoral students were rewarded for the scientific excellence of their work, the originality of their thesis subject.


      The « Phosphates, Pharmacotechnics, Biomaterials" (PPB) group at CIRIMAT undergo research activities demonstrating the relevance of calcium phosphate-based bioinspired materials for bone repair and nanomedicine...

    • Catherine XUEREB, Toulouse INP newly elected President

      On June 29, 2020, Catherine XUEREB became Pesident of Toulouse INP.

    • Contaminated Droplet from Shape Oscillation Damping

      Did you know? When a droplet of one fluid flows through another fluid, its shape oscillates. Researchers from LGC and IMFT have studied this question.

    • Microgravity : the best place to study the boiling process

      RUBI Experience (Reference mUltiscale experiment for Boiling Investigation) was launched on the International Space Station on July, 2019. Today, researchers,with Catherine Colin from the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides of Toulouse (CNRS / Toulouse INP / UT3), review their project of the European Space Agency through an interview.


      Toulouse INP recently participated in the creation of an online training intended for innovative Eco-Technological companies on the ETV device.
      What is the ETV device?
      The ETV (Environmental Technology...


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