• Coming to Toulouse or already here, you can get Covid-19 vaccine!

      Don't wait until the beginning of the school year to be vaccinated! The Toulouse vaccination centre offers many slots, make an appointment.

    • Discover the Econect project !

      Led simultaneously by six laboratories and three companies in the Toulouse region, the Econect project aims to study the reaction of so-called "sentinel" species to anthropogenic threats and climatic stresses.

    • At the end of the HASTECS project: "a great success for the powertrain of future hybrid electric aircraft that are more respectful of the environment"

      The HASTECS -Hybrid Aircraft project; Academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems-, carried by the LAPLACE laboratory (Toulouse INP-CNRS-UPS) and part of the European program "Clean Sky 2" (H2020) exceeds the expected results. It identifies the most promising technologies and breakthroughs, innovative tools to increase the efficiency of electrical processes and reduces the embedded masses in hybrid propulsion systems for future aircraft that are more respectful of the environment.

    • 2021 Shanghai Ranking: Toulouse INP ranked in several categories!

      Toulouse INP ranks among the best universities in terms of research according to the 2021 Shanghai Ranking! Listed in several categories, Toulouse INP is recognized internationally for its scientific production.

    • Masters of Science: Registration open

      The Masters of Science application campaign is open at Toulouse INP. These are specialized two-year internationally recognized master's programs. These masters offer great professional opportunities. Come and discover our 9 Master of Science offers at Toulouse INP!

    • New MSc Space Communication Systems: from engineering to end-to-end systems (SATCOM systems)

      In September 2021, Toulouse INP will open the Master of Science Space Communication Systems (MSc SATCOM), thanks to the skills of Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT professors, their research activities and their network of industrial partners.

    • Studying sciences in France

      Toulouse INP is active on the international scale and participates in forums organized by Campus France in several countries.

    • MIT European Career fair 2021

      Toulouse INP will participate to the MIT ECF 2021. The European Career Fair of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the major gatherings of European universities in Boston. This is the opportunity to connect top-tier US students and young professionals looking for professional opportunities and internships with European universities.

    • Simpps : a medical and welfare service dedicated to students

      A team of healthcare professionals is on hand to answer your questions, respond to your needs, and provide support for matters related to your health and student life.

    • Government announcements of student support measures

      The President of the Republic announced 3 new concrete measures to help all students, including international students, to deal with the Covid-1 crisis: Meal at 1€, cheque for psychological support, gradual return to university.


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