Agrobiosciences and Environment webinars organised by the Agiremed Network

The AGIREmed network organises a series of online conferences on the theme of Agrobiosciences and Environment from May to the end of July 2020.


These international webinars are dedicated to Master students from four Universities (FST-Marrakech, FS Rabat, FST-Tanger, Um6P), engineering students from Toulouse INP-ENSAT as well as PhD students, post-docs and researchers from Europe and Morocco and are open for registration.


With its experience in the field of education, using innovative pedagogical approaches and new learning technologies (e-learning, project-based learning, etc.), and relying on an international network made up of 13 Universities and institutes of Moroccan and European research, AGIREmed invited a panel of eminent researchers who will share their experiences in the fields of agronomy and the environment.

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Organizing Committee: 

Mohamed Zouine; Toulouse-INP-ENSAT France

Abdelaziz Smouni; FSR-UM5 Rabat Morocco

Najib bendaou; FSR-UM5 Rabat Morocco

Ali Boularbah; FST-UCAM Marrakech Morocco

Mohamed Nhiri; FSTT-UAE Tangier Morocco

Abdelah Oukarroum; UM6P Ben-Guérir Morocco


More to come:

Tuesday, 23th of June, 2020 at 14.00 GMT

Title: Genetic control of fruit morphology in melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Speaker: Antonio Monforte (CSIC - IBMCP - Valencia – Spain)


Tuesday, 30th of June, 2020 at 9.00 GMT

Title: Root traits as new targets for breeding

Speaker: Laurent Laplaze (IRD - Montpellier - France)


Tuesday, 7th of July, 2020 at 14.00 GMT

Title: Argane tree (Argania spinosa) in the genomic era : past, present, and future

Speaker: Rachid Mentag (INRA – Morocco)


Monday, 13th of July, 2020 at 14.00 GMT

Title: Heavy metal uptake and accumulation in plants

Speaker: Abdelaziz Smouni (UM5 - FSR - Rabat – Morocco)


Tuesday, 21th of July, 2020 at 9.30 GMT

Title: Root associated endophytic microorganisms

Speaker: Anita Pandey (GEU-India)


Tuesday, 28th of July, 2020 at 14.00 GMT

Title: The use of tomato wild relatives as a genetic resource for de novo domestication and improvement

Speaker: Lázaro Eustáquio Pereira Peres (USP - São Paulo – Brazil)


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