Catherine XUEREB, Toulouse INP newly elected President

On June 29, 2020, Catherine XUEREB, 57, has been elected President of Toulouse INP to succeed Olivier SIMONIN, who has chaired since 2012.

CNRS researcher, Catherine XUEREB has been Research Director at the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (UMR CNRS / UPS / INPT) since 2000.


At Toulouse INP, she previously held the positions of Research Director (2006 to 2007) and Vice-President Research & Development (2012 to 2016).



Career in Research

Graduate engineer from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Génie Chimique (ENSIGC - today Toulouse INP-ENSIACET), Doctor in Process Engineering (Université de Toulouse), HDR, Catherine XUEREB started in Research in 1989 at SANOFI Bio-Industries (post-doctorate).


She then held various positions: Chargé de mission at the DRRT Midi-Pyrénées, Research Director at Toulouse INP, Chargé de Mission Higher Education, Research and Technology Transfer at the Prefecture of the Midi-Pyrénées Region, VP Research & Development in Toulouse INP.


Chevalier in the National Order of Merit, Catherine XUEREB won the ADEME Prize for Innovative Techniques for the Environment, Water Depollution category (2004) and the 2nd Prize for Innovation in the Midi-Pyrénées Region (1992).


Industrial partnerships of excellence and quality of life in Toulouse INP

As for Catherine XUEREB:

One of my priorities will be to strengthen relationships and partnerships with companies in order to better think of the future and look at tomorrow professions. I want to involve them from the beginning, from the strategic choices and build with them a facility that prepares engineers, doctors and executives they expect, in order to meet their research needs. This proximity to the industrial fabric will become the identity of Toulouse INP. We will also help our research laboratories to set up structuring and ambitious projects within the framework of PIA.

As for internal functioning, my first wish is to "humanise", to meet the expectations of staff and students in terms of quality of life.Together, we must build a new generation establishment, with strong environmental concerns and thus add meaning to our actions. I will entrust to our students this responsibility. They will have to propose actions that concern everyone to place the establishment in a sustainable logic and strengthen the values of Toulouse INP. For each of these fields of action, I will create in the coming days two new vice-presidencies.

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