Government announcements of student support measures

Two meals a day at 1 euro each

All students, including international students, can enjoy 2 meals per day at 1 euro in the university restaurants.


All you need is an active Izly account. The university restaurants offer take-away meals. The list of open outlets (currently more than 400) is available on the website of each CROUS.

  • For students already holding an Izly account, the price change took place from Friday 22nd January until the beginning of next week.


For students who have not activated their Izly account, they simply need to do so by going to the website
Each student will then receive an email confirming that he or she is entitled to the €1 meal. Students can pay with the payment method of their choice (izly card, CB, cash) and must have an Izly account.

This measures, so far accessible to scholarship students, has therefore been extended to all students who need it, including international students.

Exceptionally, due to the curfew, students are allowed to buy 2 take-away meals at the same time, one for lunch and one for dinner.

More information on 1 euro meals for students on the government website and on the CROUS Occitanie website. 

Returning to university

Students will be able to return to the university one day per week. The resumption of face-to-face teaching will therefore be possible in the near future. The higher education institutions are mobilising to organise this partial return of students in strict compliance with health protocols.

Concerning this point, each component of Toulouse INP will inform you, independently, of the arrangements for this return.


Psychological support

A cheque for psychological support for students will be created. This measure will facilitate access to care for students with psychological difficulties.

Measure awaiting implementation by the government.


These new measures complete the student aid system set up by France, which includes :

  • The reinforcement of specific one-off emergency aid
  • The rent freeze in university residences
  • Extension of doctoral contracts
  • Freezing of university tuition fees


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