An ultra-connected amphitheater at La Prepa des INP in Toulouse

Cutting-edge technology for modern education

Running since September 2018, after several months of work, this amphitheater reflects the ambition of Toulouse INP to prepare and enrich differently the learning process, with active pedagogies, autonomy and digital technologies.


The Sophie Germain amphitheater is the first structure of this type in France.  


It is an experimentation that should eventually help validate the relevance of architectural and technical choices made for the construction or rehabilitation of similar spaces.


N.B: Sophie Germain is one of the first French mathematician, physicist and philosopher. By this naming, Toulouse INP wants to show its engagement in science for all.


A flexible auditorium with multiple uses

This amphitheater allows several uses

  • Use in classical amphitheater
  • Use in "dynamic" amphitheater including the use of televotors
  • Use in working groups
  • Chance to do videoconferences (opening the perspective of distance learning)
  • Chance to use the screens in cinema-type whether for educational use or as part of the student life.


 Revealed on January 24th, 2019


It is with great honor that Toulouse INP revealed its ultra-connected amphitheater, in presence of Mrs. Anne Bisagni-Faure, Toulouse’s Local Education Authority.


It holds 198 seats and is dedicated to La Prépa des INP.



Olivier Simonin, Toulouse INP President: « This new amphitheater aims to transform the way of learning and teaching by helping teachers develop active and digital pedagogies. Toulouse INP priority is to support and promote innovative educational experiences as well as the success of students, whose learning modes evolve with new technologies.


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