Creation of a partnership between H2PULSE and TTTToulouse Tech Transfer & H2PULSE formalize their partnership with the creation of a start-up

Hydrogen energy at the service of the energy transition

Reducing carbon emissions is an urgent and priority need in many areas, but particularly in the energy sector.

Hydrogen energy is a clean energy carrier that enables electricity and/or heat to be produced with water alone. With hydrogen in large quantities, we would have an energy source with a very high potential (production of electricity and heat, boilers, cars, trains, etc.).Hydrogen is set to be one of tomorrow's major energy carriers because it offers many prospects in the fight against global warming while increasing our energy autonomy.

From the H2 platform to the start-up H2PULSE

The hydrogen platform developed in Toulouse is a platform whose vocation is to carry out research on the uses and production of hydrogen and to support industrialists in this field.

Initiated in 2010 and managed by the LAPLACE Laboratory, the platform hosts the experiments of three other laboratories with complementary skills and sharing the same supervision: CIRIMAT, the LGC and the IMFT. In 2015, the PACAERO project was born, making it possible to launch new industrial partnerships.


"In recent years, industrial demand has increasingly gone beyond the scope of pure research, given the know-how we have developed over the last 20 years in hydrogen technologies. The rise in power of the hydrogen platform has accelerated this state of affairs and it was time to spread our know-how via the creation of a start-up in order to meet industrial demand, beyond research needs, which will undoubtedly increase considerably in the coming years". Christophe Turpin - Research Director CNRS - Head of hydrogen activities LAPLACE - Co-founder H2PULSE

H2PULSE supports companies in the realization of their hydrogen projects

At the origin of the creation of the start-up was the meeting between Christophe Turpin, an internationally recognized expert in hydrogen energy, and Cyril Gagnepain, an entrepreneur. Both concerned about the future of our planet and with a common vision, the start-up's hydrogen project was quickly born.

After a maturation program and support for business creation, operated by the Toulouse Tech Transfer teams, the start-up H2PULSE was created to meet the need for synergy between industry and research in the field of hydrogen energy.


H2PULSE assists companies to facilitate and ensure their strategic choices. The scope ranges from the simple idea to the deployment of solutions, and from consulting to operational training. Studies based on specifications, modeling, hardware and software simulation, test bench, emulation, operational training, maintainability... These are the know-how offered by H2PULSE.


"Through H2PULSE, we wish to promote the hydrogen vector because we are convinced that it is already one of the master cards of our decarbonized world of tomorrow. Thanks to the convergence "hydrogen platform - H2PULSE", our customers have access to more than 15 years of experience in the field of hydrogen, which is unparalleled to boost its application. This collaboration is unique in France! Also, creating jobs from fundamental research in our country will be a great source of pride for us. "Cyril Gagnepain - CEO H2PULSE

Christophe Turpin & Cyril Gagnepain ©TTT

About LAPLACE laboratory

The Plasma and Energy Conversion Laboratory is a Joint Research Unit of the CNRS, Toulouse INP and the University Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier.
The research carried out at LAPLACE ranges from the study of the physical mechanisms of energy conversion to the systems that implement them, are at the heart of our society's major concerns. The main areas of application include production, transport and management, the conversion and use of electricity. Among the approximately 300 people working at LAPLACE, three teams are working on hydrogen technologies and their auxiliaries : GENESYS (hydrogen systems including aeronautical and stationary applications, ageing modelling, diagnostics), CODIASE (diagnostics, modelling) and CS (power electronics) involving about 35 people. The LAPLACE created the Toulouse Hydrogen Platform in 2010, and today shares it with the IMFT, the LGC and the CIRIMAT involving about 70 people.

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In association with the hydrogen platform, H2PULSE accompanies, trains operationally and accelerates the deployment of hydrogen solutions to the industrial world for the energy transition. H2PULSE is a service and project support company that responds to a need for synergy between industry and research in the field of hydrogen energy.

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About Toulouse Tech Transfer

TTT is the regional operator (West Occitania) of the valorisation and technology transfer from public research to companies. TTT ensures the conduct of maturation projects by investing in the most promising results of public research in order to commercialize innovations to companies. The objective is to promote business innovation, the development of competitiveness, and the creation of jobs and wealth.

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A look back at the inauguration of the platform in 2019


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