New MSc Space Communication Systems: from engineering to end-to-end systems (SATCOM systems) Toulouse INP meets the needs of the aerospace industry

In September 2021, Toulouse INP will open the Master of Science Space Communication Systems (MSc SATCOM), thanks to the skills of Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT professors, their research activities and their network of industrial partners.

Lasting 2 years and taught in English, this SATCOM MSc is aimed at international students and professionals who want to become experts in satellite telecommunications and benefit from French expertise in this regard. At the end of the training, participants will obtain a French University Master degree.

For Marie-Laure BOUCHERET, Professor at Toulouse INP-ENSEEIHT, responsible for the new MSc SATCOM: "Toulouse INP benefits from long-standing expertise in Space Communications. In 2006, we had already opened a specialized Master degree. By creating an MSc we will respond to the wishes of Hcéres which recommends creating training courses with international standards. With the new MSc SATCOM, Toulouse INP will also make its contribution to the European Space University (UNIVERSEH), which trains European students in to promising jobs in the field."

Support for local space players


Being a European Capital of Space, Toulouse has a very favorable study environment: the City welcomes major aeronautics and space manufacturers. Toulouse INP’s telecom satellite training courses have the active support of Airbus Espace & Défense, Thales Alenia Space and CNES.

Most of the professors will be professional speakers and teacher-researchers in satellite telecommunications and electronics. In the 2nd year, more than 50% of the speakers will be professionals.

International student mobility

The MSc SATCOM will also be offered to international students, including within the framework of UNIVERSEH (European Space University), in which Toulouse INP actively participates. This European universities grouping acts to ensure that the European Union remains the world leader in space-related activities.


UNIVERSEH encourages student exchanges between partner institutions: University of Luxembourg, University of Technology of Lulea (Sweden), AGH University of Science and Technology  of Krakow (Poland), HHU University of Düsseldorf (Germany), Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées * .


Toulouse INP is also expanding its MSc offer, for example by opening with INSA in September 2021, an MSc BioTechEco (biotechnologies in industry and biological economy). The Institution will offer (with its partners INSA Toulouse and ENSFEA Toulouse) a total of 9 MSc which will welcome more than 100 international students each year.

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