kios an innovative device to fight against firesToulouse INP part of the collaborative research on the subject

Kios, a new device to transform any large aircraft into a water bomber, has just been unveiled in order to fight large-scale fires thanks to a new release method. The KIOS device will allow supertankers to be more effective in fighting fires and will significantly improve the regularity of the footprint compared to the gravitational and pressurized system conventionally used.


This innovative system was born from the collaboration between Dominique Legendre and the company Kepplair Evolution, represented by its president David Joubert, airline pilot in a large national company. A prototype (V1) was developed at IMFT with teams from Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT). Made on a 1/3 scale, it validated the concept of the patent by specifying the control to be implemented to guarantee a constant ejection speed.


Dominique Legendre, University Professor at Toulouse INP, conducts his research in collaboration with the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse (IMFT – CNRS and University Toulouse III).


The ambition of the project is to make available to governments, planes with very large drop capacity and whose speed makes it possible to intervene over an entire territory in minimum time.



Find out all the details in the French press release


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